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Primary Tutors Scotland offers online tuition in literacy and numeracy from experienced teachers specialising in the Scottish curriculum to help every pupil become happy and confident in their learning.

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We focus on Spelling, Reading and Numeracy


Spelling and Phonics

Phonics are the building blocks to literacy. Phonics, spelling and reading are intertwined and building up knowledge together can achieve an increase in literacy skills.


Reading can be a joy to so many and a chore to others. Primary Tutors Scotland is here to help pupils who need support and challenge those with a thirst for reading. We focus on comprehension skills as well as phonics. Our tutors have experience teaching pupils with dyslexia and use strategies specific to the individual pupil.

Numeracy and Maths

Maths can be a sticking point for children.  Here at Primary Tutors Scotland we build up confidence to make maths fun again! We focus on the basic number processes - addition, subtraction, multiplication as well as other areas such as Time, Money, Data Handling, Fractions, Percentages and more.

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How we support children with additional support needs

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Working at the Pupil's Pace

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Does your child lack the confidence to grow in their learning? 

Does your child have specific learning needs such as dyslexia or dyscalculia? 

Does your child need challenged so they can grow in their learning at their own pace? 

Primary Tutors Scotland are here to help with experienced Scottish teachers who love to see pupils succeed!

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Happy Clients

Comments From Our Parents

My daughter's progress has been immense and her confidence is increasing with every lesson. We are grateful to Primary Tutors Scotland for their help and delivery of such personally targeted sessions. After's tonight's lesson our daughter said her cheeks hurt from laughing, and as a parent who has watched their child struggle in tears, this was priceless.

My daughter has had sessions for 7 or 8 weeks now and the difference in her ability, confidence and speed at which she is now working is quite unbelievable. I am so delights with how this has gone for us and is worth every penny! It is making a huge difference in supporting our child with her education.

The sessions are fun with a wide range of interactive games and with lots of praise at the end. Tutors also take the child through their progress with a points based system. As a parent, you are contacted before and after the session confirming what we worked on with the child's strengths and targets so that a plan can be made, and if required, adjusted to ensure sessions are carefully tailored to the child's needs.

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Why do primary aged children need tuition?

Many studies have shown that primary school years are the most important years of our lives in terms of learning. 

"Participating in either mathematics or science tutoring after school is found to raise national average performance." Huang, 2013.

"We believe that primary school years are the most important in a child’s education. Primary schools teach foundational literacy and numeracy skills which are used across all subject areas. It's too late to catch up in secondary school." AE Publications.

In fact, the earlier the better!

"An assessment of over 70,000 children from Durham University’s Curriculum, Evaluation and Management (CEM) Centre reveals that a good reception year teacher has the biggest impact on primary school education." Durham University, 2007.

Good literacy and numeracy skills will aid children in all areas of life and will make learning easier when in secondary school. It is important at primary school to get the basics correct and to develop a love and confidence for learning!

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We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to guarantee each of our students overcomes their academic challenges and achieves their learning goals. Let us know how we can help you.

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